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Building Strong Communities…

Experience and Vision

Building Strong Communities… It’s more than just our motto; it’s our motivation as we pro-actively shape and impact the communities in which we live and work.

From preconstruction to design/build, to LEED and construction management, PCG provides everything you need for your construction project. Read more about our Delivery Method.

Delivery Method


Commitment To Sustainability

Preconstruction is generally viewed as the most important stage of any project. Clients who begin their projects with PCG’s Preconstruction services benefit from a clearly-defined project scope, detailing the process and cost of achieving their vision. This stage scientifically affects every aspect of the project including the budget, planning, schedule, design, engineering and quality. During this stage our services include guidance in the selection of materials, building systems, equipment and methods of project delivery. Next we evaluate and recommend which materials and labor options would best fit that specific job. Then we analyze the time requirements, installation, construction and cost factors—resulting in a smoother construction experience and in time/costs savings for the client.


PCG recognizes the influence designs and construction have on the final product. Our design-build delivery method minimizes risks for the client and reduces the project delivery schedule. This single-point responsibility approach enables PCG to create a fully-integrated, cohesive project plan that maximize resources and exceeds client expectations. The PCG design-build teams are comprised of professionals with a shared history of collaborative projects and a proven track record of success. With a focus on teamwork and open communication, PCG is committed to delivering outstanding customer service from the initial planning stages through construction completion.

LEED Construction

PCG is committed to incorporating emerging green building technologies that positively influence our environment. While keeping our client’s financial considerations foremost in mind, our LEED Construction services strike a balance between environmental and sustainability concerns with design and construction considerations. By implementing LEED best practices, PCG delivers high-quality buildings that benefit today’s clients and tomorrow’s communities.

Construction Management

PCG’s comprehensive construction management services encompass all aspects of the construction phase. From maintaining safety measures to selecting the best qualified sub-contractors, every detail is considered. The quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients is our primary focus. Using a partnering approach, PCG helps owner’s select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for the design and construction team. Working together at the project’s inception, the construction management team can quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges.

Client Testimonials

PCG is proud of the work we do and of the relationships we build. The true measure our success is in the satisfaction of our clients. Below are a few examples of testimonials from satisfied clients.